Who We Are

Hello, We’re Personicle Here to help you understand your health

Personicle is an open-source platform that enables individuals to leverage their data from various wearable and smart devices for improving their health outcomes. We are a team of software professionals, researchers, scientists and physicians working towards the goal of continuous and personalized health guidance to every individual with a smart device.

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Our Works

What We Do

Bring your data in one place

Personal data collected by various devices is typically managed and utilized only by that application. Therefore, these applications have only a narrow view of user lifestyle and health. We aim to bring all such data in one place and get a clearer picture of users’ health outcomes.

Complete control over data

Our core belief is that users should have complete control over their data and how it is being utilized. We are building robust privacy and security protocols to ensure that any application (including personicle) can only access the data that the users have authorized.

Securely share your data with physicians

Typically in a clinical setting, physicians and care providers have very limited (and inaccurate) information about patient lifestyle and symptom progression. Personicle aims to alleviate this problem by allowing users to securely share their data with physicians registered on the personicle platform.

Research and health guidance applications

Researchers and open-source contributors are invited to contribute to the platform. Developers can contribute by adding more devices and services to the core platform. They can also propose applications and products that can leverage personicle data and can be builg on top of the core platform.

Our members

The People Behind

We are a team of researchers, software professionals and physicians from various organizations around the world. Our team brings different viewpoints involved in the healthcare industry and research with one goal in mind, providing continuous health guidance using lifestyle data.

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Ramesh Jain

Professor Emeritus, UC Irvine

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Charles Boicey

Chief Innovation Officer, Clearsense

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Vin Patel

VP Platform, Clearsense

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Vaibhav Pandey

Scientist (Personalized Modeling), Clearsense

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Dhruvil Patel

MS4, Wayne State University School of Medicine

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Tirth Patel

Software Engineer, Clearsense

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Zara Ahmed

Software Engineer, Clearsense